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Angels and Inspiration

The belief in Angels has experienced a tremendous resurgence in our present day as we race toward the twenty-first century.

Diverse opinions arise as to just what Angels are and where they come from, although most agree they are ever at work inspiring, uplifting, and uniquely expressing their loving guidance into our to often troubled existence.

Some see Angels as fairy like beings living a paradisiacal lifestyle being specially ordained by God. Their only purpose being flying between heaven and earth helping humankind in countless miraculous ways to remain steadfast in their mission of spiritual liberation.

Others see Angels as evolved humans, who through countless eons of time have perfected their awareness of the scientific principles of life harmonizing their minds in a totally positive progressive unity with nature and the universe.

They do not necessarily have the familiar form of human beings but can appear in various ethereal shapes, from brilliant pulsating globes of light, to tiny golden specks that dance around your hands as you read some particularly inspiring book. Or an intense blinding galaxy of pure radiant light that boggles the mind of the viewer, as they receive telepathic messages and visions of the past, present, or future.

It can generally be surmised that the recipient of these visions will receive information compatible with their own knowledge and beliefs. However they may appear to us, most can agree that they work tirelessly maintaining the vast complex cosmos helping others in lower states of awareness to awaken to their true spiritual nature.

Theirs is not a life of indolence and ease but a never-ending exploration of the knowledge necessary for attaining self-mastery. Starting out in the embryonic beginnings as a human being they can after millions of years of spiritual evolutionary progression, become those great illumined beings creating universes in the exalted nature of their thoughts. Thus helping millions in the lower levels of existence to strive for similar attainments and to eventually become Angels themselves.

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