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Excerpted From The Science of Inspiration Lecture and Question and Answer Discussion By Douglas Taylor at a recent Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles

Good day everyone and welcome to the Whole Life Expo. What we would like to talk about today is developing self-mastery and your creative nature.

A big step in this direction would be to realize and understand that our minds are fully capable of attuning to many higher levels of information. In order to attain to these higher levels we have to begin to train ourselves to perceive the negative influences and various blockages that are affecting us, which are the negative traits of our own character. As we recognize these traits, such as selfishness, egomania, those types of attitudes, we become more humble. Humility is a direct hook-up to these higher intelligence's living in the spiritual worlds, where light, creativity, and inspiration, are amplified in a much greater way then in our world.

These higher worlds are worlds that we can eventually evolve into as we learn about how people live there and begin to live our lives in accordance with the way that they live. This doesn't mean that there is some dogmatic approach that you are suppose to use but just the opposite is true as the Unarius Science teaches us how to discard the destructive mental attitudes and become progressive in our daily life.

Unarius is an acronym, which stands for Universal, Articulate, Interdimensional, Understanding, of Science, there is a library of over one hundred volumes of books that I have been reading for the past fourteen years. Reading these books is unique as it gives you a way of attuning your mind to the perfected minds that originally channeled that information. As you attune to their minds, you are in affect allowing that positive energy to flow into you and your lower frequency is raised to a certain extent, depending upon your efforts and realizations.

We have to do the work necessary in discovering where the blocks are within ourselves. As we do this work, and make that effort, then you will begin to have much greater help from these angelic intuitive forces, these spiritual brothers and guides. Whatever way you wish to envision them, they will be able to help you move yourself forward in your own spiritual progression.

We will now open the microphone to any questions you may have relative to what I have been speaking about.

(Questions and answers from the audience) Question... How do you account for people who seem to be highly attuned and creatively inspired yet they are also egomaniacs? Answer... What happens in cases of that nature is that you can be in tune with your spiritual self and be bringing in totally inspired works, yet if you are selfish and possessive of the inspired expressions you are slowly severing the connection to the higher self and will eventually lose touch with the source of your inspiration. We must keep in mind that whatever work you are doing if truly inspired, it is coming from the higher intelligent minds who are totally humble and are fully aware of the principals of the Infinite. The main point being that this Infinite Intelligence is functioning according to the basic principal of selflessness as it is recreating the sum and total of everything in the universe including our lives. It is pretty foolish to think we can live selfishly and still be able to maintain are attunement with the vast creative cosmos which is totally selfless in its expression. We would be diametrically opposed to this most basic principal. So such people as you described, will eventually realize that egotism and selfishness will not help them to progress on the spiritual pathway and this recognition will be a great lesson to them in the future. This is a lesson that all of us must eventually learn as we become more in tune with our spiritual self and our progressive evolution. Does that answer your question? Student... Yes I believe it does.

Now the second part of your question was how do we remove the blocks keeping us from expressing creatively? It is important that we begin to look at ourselves very honestly, we must take complete responsibility for our lives and learn to see adversity and problems as positive lessons. No matter how negative the circumstances may seem as we are able to turn it around and see that, say you get punched in the nose, instead of losing control emotionally you could gain a great lesson by not giving in to the reaction of wanting to strike back. I realize this is a difficult situation to keep your mental balance in, but we could use the example of what Jesus said about turning the other cheek. He didn't mean that when someone comes up and punches you on one side that you turn the other side and let him punch you on that side too. What he meant was that when someone is projecting a negative energy in your direction, you don't allow yourself to get pulled down into that low reactionary state of mind. That lower state of mind is in direct opposition to the balance that we should be striving to maintain in relationship with our higher spiritual self. We should become aware that we are creating our future by our acts of today, this is a very important principal that will positively change our life if we really abide by its connotations. Question... What if someone is giving you bad vibes or says something negative to you, what would you do? Answer... That is part of developing self-mastery to where you no longer allow yourself to be so strongly influenced by the exterior circumstances of what is taking place in your life. If I was driving by and saw two people punching each other out its going to tune me in to some negative circumstances from my past, in my past lives I used to like to fight, it was part of my heritage. But we have to learn how to master our own thoughts so that we don't allow ourselves to get pulled into that negative situation. Because we know now that we are a spiritual being, and the energies that you allow to move through your consciousness, as stated earlier, are creating your future. If someone is out there projecting negative energy that is a very hard lesson that they will have to learn someday. They are basically creating a hell for themselves, not that there is a hell and a heaven, but your mind and your thought processes, what you have been able to understand and establish as your reality, that is the mental atmosphere you are going to live in. If your mind has been actively attuned to a more positive expression then you are going to find yourself living in a more positive world. There will be people living on that higher level helping you to learn how to live progressively looking towards the future of an even more elevated state. On the negative side of this duality of consciousness you can also get pulled down easily if you allow yourself to sympathize with those people who are still living in the dark with no interest in spiritual development. Ultimately we must realize that everyone is traveling along their own pathway of life, and their life experience is every bit as important to them as our path is to us. It should always be our greatest goal to find our connection with our spiritual self so that guidance can lead us away from negative situations. I personally have been saved five or six times from what could have been fatal accidents, by my own intuition, often times it was almost without my consent. I needed to be knocked on the head with a sledge hammer to get my attention and wake me up to the fact that something bad was going to happen and I have a positive mission to carry out. Everyone does have a mission and the mission is to learn enough about life to where you can move yourself into a more positive relationship with your own spiritual self which will establish your pathway towards a progressive evolution of consciousness.

Question... I have a question about creativity and inspiration. I have found the creativity part comes very easy but the problem is in marketing or making a living with it. Therefore not being able to do it on a full time basis, and eventually having to go back to working a so called (real job), how do you make a living from creativity and inspiration?

Answer... I can give myself as an example. I have been an artist for about thirteen years. I have experienced a certain amount of so called material success, I also am a carpenter and that is how I have made my living so I am not going to throw my hammer away. Keep some means of supporting yourself so you can continue the creative process without becoming stressed out over financial problems. Its different for everyone, as you have to know when it is time to take that step to where you are more committed to your own creative expression. There have been many artists in the past who could not give their paintings away while alive, such as Vincent Van Gogh, yet today his artwork sells for millions of dollars per painting! When were dead no doubt our artwork will be worth something, until then I wouldn't put a lot of insurance on it. It is important to do it because it is an attunement to your spiritual self that is really the point. It doesn't matter if you are materially successful, either in wealth or fame, look at your creative inspirations as a kind of incredible therapy in developing peace of mind, and if there is material success, consider that the icing on the cake.

Question... I was asked to do some art for a celebration during thanksgiving, I just had fun with it and didn't take it too seriously, is this the way to let inspiration flow?

Answer... Yes, that is an excellent point because there are so many artists who have such over inflated egos, it is because they are really insecure about themselves and they see themselves in competition with other artists. So they feel the need to push themselves out in front of everyone else. What you are talking about is very important because inspiration comes to us as free creative energy so we must see ourselves simply as channels who are being given an opportunity to express art and inspiration as a means of helping others. Art is a great way of learning about yourself and taking those important initial steps in developing self-mastery that is the only true pathway to gaining peace of mind. We must break down our ego so it is not dominating our expression, and learn to allow our spiritual self to overshadow our life and creatively inspire us and thus we will be learning the science of inspiration.

Question... What if the inspiration comes and goes and you can't turn it off?

Answer... When it comes and you can't turn it off, don't try to turn it off. Just let it flow! I recall one time when I had three weeks off work, and I was in tune with painting very strongly and all I did was paint for three weeks, and I ended up completing six different paintings, some of them are on the greeting cards that you see up here. The cycle was in for this creative inspiration to just flow, and flow, and flow. While I was painting it seemed that I had stepped into this other room that was being illuminated with this pure light and radiant energy of creative inspiration, and my entire psychic was being recharged with this great power! As I completed this series of paintings it was as if it was just shut off. This is the challenge often times for artists; Vincent Van Gogh had this problem. As he would raise himself up into this beautiful creative state of mind where this inspiration was flowing so rapidly, and he would complete the work and come back to the reality of the unhappy life he was living, a manic- depressive state of mind would consume him. I have experienced this same negative condition myself, and have had a very difficult time balancing the positive and negative elements of my own nature. This is a very important principal to realize in that we have this duality of consciousness. We have this higher positive self that is attempting to guide us into our own more positive future and we have a lower self that is a product of the past where we have to let go of preconceived ideas of who we are. As we let go and dump out that baggage from the past we become much lighter and more able to rise up into that frequency where that higher spiritual consciousness is constantly functioning and radiating out its own creative expression into our lives.

Question... What is the name of the school you were in?

Answer... Its called the Unarius Academy of Science and we have literature up here at the front of the room that you can take for free describing the academy and listing the many books, tapes, and video's that are available. The Unarius Science is a complete curriculum that encompasses all aspects of teaching, from UFO's, to past life therapy, interdimensional physics, the healing Masters from the higher spiritual worlds, and the processes involved in developing self-mastery.

Thank you all for coming and we hope you gained something from our discourse today.

Douglas Taylor


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