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Illumination Lesson 4

Hope Springs Eternal

Taken from a class
given by Douglas Taylor
at the Learning Light Foundation

Good evening everyone, and welcome to a another session in which the wonders of the Infinite Universe can be brought to the periphery of your conscious minds.

Thus you can begin to understand that although this Universe that you are living in is complex and is vast in its scope and its parameters and yet, you have the tools at your disposal in which you can begin to build a great Spiritual consciousness.

This will give you the unobstructed awareness to be free and to function in the way that life was meant to be. In other words, the subconscious that you are constantly under the influence of, is a subconscious that has been built through the ages. We speak not only of the more recent civilizations, but we speak of civilizations that are not recorded in the history of your books and are not considered to be valid in the universities by the so- called intellects of your time.

These civilizations are valid, and they have been lived in by all of the people on your planet. They are actually the true essence of who you are today- your present life being the reconstructed format of experiences that have been replayed over and over again, beginning in civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and other planetary systems even further back in time.

We are not attempting to overwhelm you with the nature of the past because obviously you are functioning now as spiritual travelers on the forward progression, which is your great fortune to experience at this present time.

Remember that this light that we can bring into your consciousness in these times when we are speaking more directly to your higher spiritual self, is a light that continues to regenerate itself and to rexpress itself and the power from whence it was created. This is the Fountainhead itself or the Infinite Mind known throughout the centuries as God.

But this God being the personalized imagery of primitive man, can now be recognized beyond this primitive concept and be understood as a unique organic energy system, electronic in nature- recreating the essence of all the atomic structures as they exist within your physical dimension.

These atomic structures are simply the result of the stepping down process from fourth dimensional energies. As these energies are stepped down from the Infinite source or as we have called it the Fountainhead, they continue to move from their positive higher spiritual dimension, to the lower negative side of that particular sine wave expression of energy.

Eventually this energy finds itself inscribed within the atomic form and is building the structures of your own physical body- a body that you have used, and are using as a means of gaining the experience necessary to begin to raise the antenna of your inner spiritual self. This antenna can connect you with the transmitter from a higher source- a source beyond the periphery of your five physical senses.

A source where life is lived in a peaceful manner, where stress has been alleviated, where life is a great adventure, and where freedom is the overriding expression that energizes the life force of those individuals who are living in this elevated state of mind. It is not an easy state to attain to, because it means letting go of the baggage and pulling up the anchor which has been imbedded within the material soil of past lives and the past civilizations which we have previously spoken of.

This entire process of working out past negative life experiences entails recognizing and overcoming the various difficulties which should be seen as challenges- such as when your mind feels like its being overwhelmed by the heavy weight and the pressure of the moment. These are the times when you should push forward and remain aware of the fact that hope springs eternal.

You will always be able to extract the necessary spiritual energy from the wellspring of this hope. You must build this for yourself by becoming aware of the Infinite Creative Intelligence which is your spiritual nature and the universal evolutionary principles by which all life abides.

This is how you will learn the lessons that are so necessary for your own progression and spiritual growth. We cannot tell you what those lessons are because each one of you must decipher this for yourselves, and that is how progress is made. And you are all making progress with yourselves, so feel the positive input from those of us who live illumined by the great light that has become the atmosphere of our unified consciousness.

I have been chosen to speak to you as an ambassador from another planet that is in the Plieades star system. I, like you, live in a physical body- although I am presently attuned mentally to my spiritual self and thus this information can be relayed through the subchannel on your world. If you could see me, you would see me as a male, similar in appearance to yourselves, with shoulder length blonde hair and a little over six feet in height. I am wearing a red one- piece suit that seems to be made of some type of crystalline material. This red suit denotes the fact that I am one of the captains of the starships that we use on this planet, the planet of Vixall. This planet resides in what you call the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

We have much interaction in our particular solar system which has twelve planets, all of them inhabited, and all utilizing the spiritual principals which you are learning at the present time. We have been using these principals in our educational systems for hundreds of thousands of years so you can imagine the clarity of mind by which the average individual functions from in this highly evolved atmosphere- where technology and spirituality are blended together to form a science of progressive evolution. This is a planet that you yourselves may one day wish to migrate to through the process of reincarnation. It is a planet that you would find to be a truly fascinating place as our technology is far in advance of your most advanced scientists understanding.

Our society is based on the understanding that spiritual awareness is of the foremost importance in the education of our peoples. With this positive motivation the technology is used as a means of advancing our own spiritual progression, and recognizing that Infinite Intelligence, or what you call God- is a natural process that is constantly expressing free energy, so to speak.

In other words, we do not pollute our planet but work with nature in beautifying the natural elements of the landscapes, oceans, lakes, and rivers where are citizens build their homes and cities. If you were to visit our world you would be shocked by the clarity of our atmosphere and the high frequency love that is expressed by our people.

Love and brotherhood is recognized as the most important expression which helps maintain the peaceful, serene lifestyle of our many millions of inhabitants. We on the other planets, as they exist in infinite numbers, have been utilizing these spiritual principals in our educational systems. We have screened the people incarnating into our society, so that individuals who were not capable of functioning on the more positive level of our world- could be directed to worlds that would be more capable of helping him or her.

This individual would be helped to clarify the problems that he has- so that he could one day evolve into a greater connection with his spiritual self, and thus be capable of living in the frequency of our world.

My name is Alta and as I previously related, I live in a physical body similar to your own, but I recognize this is only the shell of the individual, and it is not the true person. The true person is the spiritual energy system, which is the connective link to a much higher consciousness known as URIEL- a Universal Radiant Infinite Eternal Light. This great Angelic force has been my teacher and she has helped to teach the people on all of the planets in this constellation through the overshadowing mastery that she expresses along with the other three heirarchial forces who have been working with her- Raphael, Michael, and Muriel.

We hope you will recognize the importance of the lessons and principals that you have begun to learn, and realize how you can transform yourself into a conduit and channel for the Universal Brotherhood of Light, and your world will also be transformed in a greater way. Their will be a day in the future when our planets will have a communication directly to the leaders of your world- they will know of us, they will know of life on other worlds. This is all part of the plan for the future but we will not give any specific dates because it is all dependent on the people of your world preparing themselves spiritually- just as you in this small class our doing.

This is the future of your world, one of great wonders beyond your wildest imagination. It is difficult in the interim, working out all of the negative energies that are the remnants of past associations. As these negative energies are released and you are freed of them you will become more connected to those of us who live in the higher spiritual dimensions.

You will begin to see that you are truly one of us, you are one of we brothers in an infant stage, in the beginning stages of your development into spirit. This development is not limited it can take place very rapidly as has already been experienced by some of you. It is dependent on the desire and motivation of each student.

This is your guide and friend from another world- Alta, signing off at this time and I feel privileged to have come through, although to only a few people on your planet. This information has been recorded so we hope we can see it expressed on a larger scale in the future so that many people will know of the great help that is forever at their finger tips. And know dear ones that this hope for a more positive future truly springs eternal from the wellspring of eternal life, which is the Fountainhead of all creative wisdom.

Let this creative wisdom be your guiding light and you will feel the power of your own spiritual self that can overcome all obstacles. And in that overcoming you will be that much closer to your goal of spiritual enlightenment.

Thank you very much dear ones and good night.

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