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Illumination Lesson 1

Your Purpose in Life

From the Brothers Through Douglas

at the Learning Light Foundation

during Class onTuesday 3-23-99

Greetings friends and welcome to another session in your search for your purpose in life.

You may wonder-what is my purpose? I feel sometimes like a cork on the ocean being blown by the winds of various reactionary experiences and have difficulty seeing the far shore, seeing the destination that I am moving towards.

These questions are an excellent start and are the process by which each individual each Spiritual ingredient of this great Cosmic Energy Field known as God, begins its own specific quest to find the purpose of existence.

The purpose of existence will change as you evolve. And you will become more aware that the attributes of your experiences in a physical body are really not that important in and of themselves. What is important is realizing the eternal energy system that you are in relation to these experiences.

In other words that you are first and foremost a spiritual being temporarily inhabiting a physical body. You will continue to evolve and grow and like a flower, raise you're blossoming face into the Sun so that the light from that great interdimensional vortex can enlighten you and direct and guide you.

Thus will your own development become more relative to the overall Universal Plasma which is that actual infinite energy system you have called God- this great Fountainhead of all intelligence.

Your purpose is simply to become aware that you are an infinite facsimile of this god consciousness and that the experiences you are gaining in your present life will be the substance from which you will build your future.

These are the building blocks of who you will be at some future time, so build your house well my friends, build your psychic body from the eternal substance of this great Cosmic Fountainhead which is symbolized in your concept of love. Love being that pure essence of life in which the true nature of compassion, of friendship, the peace of mind that you have experienced, is in essence God or the Infinite Intelligence, remanifesting itself in a finite form.

Because my friends each one of you are a seed that came from the tree of God, or this God consciousness which we are attempting to describe. You are a new sprout and as you grow and flower and send off your seeds this will be the regeneration of this great purpose of life. This purpose is to grow and expand and become more aware of your true eternal heritage and nature.

The love, hope, and compassion that you can experience and express are in reality the expression of this God consciousness directly through you. As you grow and develop spiritually you are adding to this great tree of God Consciousness and so God is growing and expanding through you're experience.

In this class the importance of the scientific principles of the expression of consciousness as it applies to the law of cause and effect, is the knowledge that will give you the necessary tools to work through the various difficulties that you will face. These challenges may not be readily apparent at the present time but at some point in your future the knowledge of your spiritual nature will be of ultimate importance. This spiritual awareness will teach you how you can set your sails and hold the rudder steady on your ship of life guiding you towards that destination of the far shore.

In the fourth dimension as you leave your physical body into so called death you will see that you are an energy form and are still alive and cannot die, as death is simply the doorway to the inner worlds and new adventures and experiences. You will express the recreated facsimiles of experience gained in your travels through life and death.

The elements that are your selfish nature the lower emotions of greed, anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, these are the winds that will blow you off course if you allow them to. You must learn to adjust your direction and maintain a vigilance with you're grasp on the rudder moving yourself toward what you now are becoming aware of as your destination. As you finally make the transition and step out of that physical body into the spiritual worlds, it will not be some fantasy, you will not be locked in some dream, lost in the subconcsious meanderings that is the common plight of those who are biased toward the lower emotions.

They may be standing in some beautiful spiritual world and yet be completely oblivious to this reality as they have not developed their sensing device, or their psychic body to be compatible and in attunement with this higher frequency enviroment. You can become stuck and trapped in a lower state because you have not recognized you're true spiritual nature to the greater extent. This is not the purpose that this great god consciousness has established for its progeny- this purpose is for each individual to develop and to grow through their own efforts and realizations of their true eternal nature.

It is everyone's personal responsibility to make these steps forward in their progressive evolution, and you are all making these steps in your own ways. Allow yourself to perceive the wonder and beauty that will surround you, the magnificence of life as it exists on this infinite pathway of spiritual enlightenment.

Thank you dear friends and good night.



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