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Reincarnation and Creative Expression

The belief in reincarnation is accepted by more than half the population of our planet, although in the United States this percentage would represent a much smaller number.

Science considers reincarnation not provable by empirical methods and most western religions see it as a far out eastern philosophy unsupported by biblical teachings. Science tells us we can think and reason due to an advanced organization of pulpy matter known as our brain, this biological mechanism, according to science, determines all differences as they are expressed in humankind good or bad smart or dumb.

Psychology and psychiatric science also describe the human mind and its expression as a relationship of various complexes, mechanisms, and phobias, engendered from procreation and the will to survive. This brings us to the crux of the matter, which is - what if the mind of a human being was not simply a biological organism formed genetically from some distant primordial ooze, or the product of a hocus pocus creation set in motion by a almighty white robed Santa Claus.

What if this mind was actually an interdimensional energy system functioning inviolably according to definite natural principles related to the environment through a long series of evolutionary patterns called birth and death. Not a mystical eastern philosophy, but a true scientific process by which the Universal life force divides itself into finite particles through which this Infinite energy system learns about itself. Each particle or human being having a direct line to the parent source is limited only by the perceptions of experience formed and contained as energy constructs- instincts, memories, inspirations, etc.

This brings us to reason why some people are so creatively inspired, simply because they don't have the blocks from past life traumas influencing their expression plus the added bias of having already developed their creative abilities in previous lives. They have a clear channel and a strong connection to this Universal source of life, a source everyone is capable of tapping into!

There is no magic formula, no special gifts, only natural laws or principles by which all creative manifestation abides. It is quite simple and effortless once the blocks have been removed and the proper mental attitude is established. Reincarnation understood as an exact science explains not only enigmas such as Mozart's music mastery at age five, but also destructive tendencies expressed in childhood that later develops into psychopathic killers.

While this article is primarily focused on the positive healthy aspects of inspiration and creative expression, individuals such as Adolph Hitler represent the destructive potential inherent in the human mind; Hitler was inspired for strictly selfish and negative purposes. We all carry with us the negative energies from previous lives and if left unrecognized it will continue to poison our minds in the form of selfish destructive behavior.

My own experience with this concept has been extensive and it has been the greatest help in clearing the channel of my mind so I could be more receptive to my own creative nature. I can honestly say that until I reached my late twenties I was a thoroughly blocked off individual, incapable of being inspired or expressing myself in any creative way. I would have persistent nightmares that upon awakening would carry over into my daily life leaving me feeling blocked off from any real joy or purpose to my life.

I experienced recurring dreams where I would be fighting in wars killing others and being killed myself over and over again. I began to realize my destructive acts in previous lives had come back to haunt me, but I found myself in a state of denial unwilling to accept at first, the reality of my past life escapades.

The dreams and other psychic phenomenon increased in their impact in my life and I also became aware of positive spiritual forces working with me and helping me to adjust to a more expanded awareness of life, which included the realization of having lived thousands of past lives!

I had been an avid reader all my life and read everything from The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, to the teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, Buddhism, to Christian teachings and anything metaphysical I could find. But at age twenty- eight I made a discovery in my local library that totally changed my life forever.

As I walked down a row in the library that I had somehow missed in the countless times I searched through the books looking for something new and stimulating to read, I felt a invisible hand that seemed to stop me directly in front of a group of books I had never seen before. The first book I picked up was the VOICE OF VENUS and as I opened it up I felt a beautiful uplifting and transcendence flowing into my mind. Truly an incredible experience that lasted for several months as I read the book!

These were the teachings of the Universal Brotherhood of Light, which was now known as the Unarius Academy of Science. I was totally taken up with the power these teachings generated in my life and a short time later I met one of the Academies co-founders, Ruth Norman who I came to know as Uriel.

I became a student of hers and on a daily basis witnessed incredible psychic phenomenon, beautiful healings, and a wondrous spiritual enlightenment that totally boggled my mind in its acceleration and expansion of my consciousness! It was Uriel's encouragement that inspired my creative expressions as I learned how a true Spiritual Master helps bring out the best in her students. Most important of all I learned to apply in my life the principals of energy as they were described in the Unarius curriculum, a library of over one hundred volumes of books!

I learned about my past and how to remove the blocks of past life trauma which is the process involved in developing a better connection with your creative higher self. As I began to accept my destructive past life expressions, in one case one of the conquistador's responsible for the annihilation of the Inca empire, I experienced incredible healings that left me feeling infused with a new creative energy that began to express through me in the form of writing and painting. Both of these creative expressions being completely foreign to me previous to my past life realizations.

Once the blocks of past life trauma have been removed the natural process of allowing inspiration to flow through you becomes a joyous adventure essential in maintaining a healthy alignment with your own higher self or creative nature. To learn to listen to and follow your inner voice is not only essential in developing your creative abilities but it can save your very life!

Almost everyone has, at one time or another, been rescued from dangerous or dire circumstances by taking direction from their own intuition. When we flip a switch walking into a room the light goes on but seldom do we consider the scientific principles that allows the illumination. Just as the light bulb is activated when the circuit to the power plant is completed, so does acting upon our own intuitive guidance connect us to the powerhouse or transmitter charging us with the creative energy that interpenetrates and regenerates all life. We become infused with this light and power and are then able to complete projects that otherwise would seem impossible.

Inspiration manifests itself in an infinite variety of ways yet always following natural scientific principles that only seem supernatural or magical because we are ignorant of the cause and effect equation that directs all life. Everyone is capable of developing their creative abilities, it is simply a matter of opening our minds and tapping into the limitless supply of creative power that forms and maintains planets, stars, galaxies, universes, and people! The natural science that guides the planets in their orbital paths is following the same principles that guide all of us in our endless cycles of birth and death.

In our ability to recognize our limitations and rise above them to express creatively, we connect up with the infinite intelligence that can and will direct, inspire, and guide us in every aspect of our lives.

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