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"Pleiadian Paradise"

25Mentally traveling with an open mind and an adventurous heart we can perceive the reality of a civilization that has been evolving positively for literally millions of years. A society based upon an advanced scientific development that integrates technology and spiritual awareness in a synthesis of pure creative expression.


"Temple City"

25 The people of planet earth have yet to realize that intelligent life is teeming throughput the universe , in advanced civilizations and levels of development that would completely defy description.

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"Return to Atlantis"

25The lost civilization of Atlantis is depicted in this painting. Lost but not forgotten. The wonder and magnificance of this once great island continent still lives in the minds and hearts of its former inhabitants. Founded and established by advanced spirtual teachers from the Plieades star systems, it was truly a paradise on Earth.

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"Shuttle to Mission Control
'Nothing Unusual to Report' "


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