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Illumination Lesson 2

On Channeling

Taken from a class
given by Douglas Taylor
at the Learning Light Foundation

Greetings everyone, and good evening.

The actual mechanics behind the process of becoming a clear channel is something that would be very beneficial to understand and to learn about.

Because everybody is a channel, everyone is relating information from a circuit, that can be called the memory consciousness, and that memory consciousness is functioning on a specific frequency.

As you are going through your daily life and communicating to your fellow humans you are channeling information from your own subconscious which is your memory consciousness. Now to take this understanding a little farther would be to become aware that there is an infinite spark of intelligence that is the developmental spiritual self of each individual.

This is the Superconsciousness which is a development over many thousands of lifetimes, it is the positive developed learning experiences that each soul has accumulated and established as a unified field of knowledge. In other words it has become a positive association of waveforms within their psychic bodies. These positively biased waveforms are in tune and harmonically related with the Infinite Creative Intelligence, and which has been known as God in your past civilizations.

It is actually a natural process to begin to attune your mind to the higher spiritual frequencies as they are constantly being radiated from those Angelic minds living in the higher dimensional worlds. This higher mental attunement is something that everyone should be striving to make in whatever way they can.

Everyone has their own methods and means that they have set up before they incarnated into their present physical bodies, to be some type of channel, whether it is in art, writing, teaching etc. It might be just simply speaking to others about the spiritual principals that you are learning. Fear along with any of the lower emotions when allowed access to your mind will short-circuit the connection to the higher sublime thoughts that automatically attune you to your positive higher self.

Fear is that insidious emotion, that when allowed to be established in your thoughts for any period of time has a magnetic attraction to other individuals who are also fearful. This is how the syndrome known as paranoia has been established, it is all these other people living without physical bodies and yet they have that same frequency of fear- that attracts them to any similar negative frequency. Just as a bee is attracted to pollen in its innate expression of nature, so is the fearful entity attracted to its natural affiliation with other like-minded souls.

Obviously this fear syndrome is a regressive form of expression and will always find a negative conclusion in your experience. Therefore channeling can be understood as a simple process and one that will be extremely beneficial when you can integrate these concepts as a working principle into your life.

Because as you think, so you are, in other words you are building your future by the thoughts you express today. So we hope everyone is aware that they have an infinite spiritual spark that is their higher self. That spark is the everlasting eternal essence of life which can eventually grow into a great illumined flame of love, in the future eons of time, as you devote yourself to your own progressive evolution.

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