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Illumination Lesson 3

Developing Cosmic Consciousness

From the Brothers Through Douglas

at the Learning Light Foundation

during a Tuesday Night Class


Good evening dear friends and welcome.

We hope you can appreciate the coming together of the minds when groups of truth seekers, such as yourselves, establish a pattern in which they can attend a class and recognize the importance of their ongoing Spiritual progression.

These patterns are important, and you may be surprised to learn that your mind may seem to be private and that your thoughts are your own, yet these thoughts are easily accessible to those who have developed a larger perspective of the unlimited potential of their own minds. We do not look into the privacy of your own personal matters as this is not of any importance to us, yet we are always with you overshadowing in all your positive efforts to develop a more intelligent perspective of life.

As you continue in your spiritual progression you are becoming a clear conduit for your own higher self and the positive developmental processes that are instrumental in the evolution of all souls. As you are beginning to realize you are created from the substance of spirit, but we could ask, do you truly understand what this substance is? In a sense it is the unknowable, it is infinite, it is the understanding that there will always be a higher level of development to be striving for.

This Infinite Creative Intelligence that is the form, substance, and activating principle of all life, will never be known in its complete form because it is infinite and has no form. It takes on finite form for the processes of evolution in countless and infinite numbers of ways; this is how God or this Infinite Creative Intelligence becomes a part of all finite elements.

These things are created from the energy that this fountainhead or this God consciousness has established throughout an infinite number of cycles of time. There was no beginning and there will never be an ending to the expression of this cosmic mind, a mind that each one of you are a developing cell within.

The path that each individual follows is always the path of their own choosing. It may seem that you have become the victim of some accident or involved in a situation that is traumatic and would wish to avoid, but these conditions are simply the regeneration of patterns that had been established in your previous lives. The energy of those past experiences is following very specific principles; momentum is one of them. Once an object has been set in motion it will continue to move until an equal and opposite force is acted upon it.

This scientific principle is similar to your past life experiences as these energies are rexpressing themselves into your present life with the momentum increasing from life to life either positively or negatively according to their original inception. Those life experiences that were selfless will give you a positive momentum and selfish expressions the opposite.

Your past lives are similar to computer programs, the countless billions of experiences are bytes of information that have been encoded into your psychic body where they remain until you cancel out their pernicious effects into your life. This psychic body is a vast matrix of circular waveforms of energy which contains all of the potential of the long history of your spiritual evolution both in the material worlds and astral or spiritual dimensions.

You have seen in your history class as the teacher would describe the rise and fall of civilizations and point out the fact that history repeats itself, the truth is that humankind is repeating their past lives and are simply running in circles inside the cage of their own making. They are reliving the information that is inscribed within the program and is accessed simply through the process of attunement similar to a radio as the receiver aligned to a particular frequency or channel, receives the information and it is transmitted into their conscious mind.

We could give the example of a situation where a ship sinks in the open ocean and you drown. This experience causes panic and trauma that is recorded in your psychic body as abberated wave form energies so this information continues to express itself into your future lives as fear of ships and the ocean. It may only be a vague subconscious feeling yet it is hooked up to negatively biased energies that are like a cancer eating away at the healthy constructive thought forms that link you to your higher self and a progressive spiritual evolution.

The trick is to become sensitive to these subconscious fears and recognize them as quickly as possible and cancel them out through realizing the root cause and facing that fear or phobia head on. It is simply an extended principle of psychotherapy where through understanding the condition objectively and overcoming its effect the root cause loses its power over you and you will be free of its pernicious effects into your present life. This is the true principle of spiritual healing. It is always important to remember that you have spent many thousands of years creating your present expression of life so have patience and expect it to take a considerable amount of time to free yourself of these lower frequencies and evolve into the higher more ethereal dimensions and worlds.

Don't be in a hurry as this can act as a block, and remember you have an infinite amount of time to develop into a more spiritually attuned and enlightened individual. Eventually attaining Cosmic Consciousness and becoming one of these illumined angelic souls helping others to overcome the difficulties and problems of life that you have left behind in the more primitive past life history of your own spiritual development.

Remember always that you are a part of a great Spiritual Brotherhood. You have established relationships with advanced spiritual teachers who are working with you in all your positive efforts to progress yourself and your planet as a whole in this great new age of spiritual ascendancy.

Thank you dear friends and may you always feel the love and light that is a constant expression of our love for each and every one of you on this spiraling pathway into the stars.



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